What!?? How can a digital agency make over $1M per year?

Some of you might be thinking “It’s not possible…”

You’re right, if you run around all day pandering to cheap clients, with no sales process, no niche, no structure and constantly fill your mind with self sabotaging doubts, you will never make it to $1M per year.

But let me show you how to get to 7 figures. (Actually way past 7 figures…)

Meet Jim Weiss.

Back when he started his agency (W2O) he was making $0/yr.

He was trying to grow his agency but it was difficult at first. It wasn’t an overnight success.

Then he decided to niche down and focus on providing niche services for the healthcare sector.

By focusing on 1 niche, and by listening to his client’s needs he was able to scale his agency to $144.3M per year.

That’s a 9 figure agency!

He now donates money to fund cancer research, and he’s making a difference in the world.

Do you want to help cure cancer? I sure as hell do, cancer sucks!

And Jim’s not the only one to reach 9 figures.

Sam Mylrea niched down into the automotive sector and now runs a $105.6M/yr agency (PureCars)

Jon Morris niched down into investment style marketing and now makes $117.1M/yr (Rise Interactive)

And there are many others.

So if Jim, Sam and Jon can niche down and run 9 figure agencies, then why can’t you scale your agency to 7 figures? That’s 100X smaller and 100X easier than a 9 figure agency…

You can!

But if you have no niche to focus on, and if you try to please every local client with cheap, outsourced junk, then you will have a hard time retaining and attracting high quality, big budget clients.

Let’s face it, there’s a better way.

Step 1: Start with your niche. Focus on your strengths.
Step 2: Start cutting back on all the distractions and time wasters.
Step 3: Give your smaller clients to a smaller agency.
Step 4: Target clients that are a bit bigger than you’re used to.
Step 5: Deliver *Real Value* to the clients in your niche.
Step 6: Build up your Marketing and Sales processes
Step 7: Build up your internal service & delivery processes
Step 8: Systemize everything.
Step 9: Upscale and keep winning.

That’s it. You have what it takes.

How would it affect your life if you could reach $25k/mo? $50k/mo? $100k/mo?

If you need help scaling your agency to 6 or 7 figures, or just want to get “unstuck” faster, then grab the free training and let’s start scaling!.

Chris Johnson,
Upscale Method,
Agency Growth Mentor

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