Use Questions to Crush Your Agency’s Sales Goals

Use Questions to Crush Your Agency’s Sales Goals

Hey Agency Owners and Creative Entrepreneurs,

If you’re trying to close more website deals (or sell any of your agency’s services) and customers keep complaining about price, or saying “I’ll think about it”, what do you do?

Fire the client?


Not so fast.

In many cases the client has very specific problems and needs that we just aren’t understanding.

If we don’t listen and ask the right questions, we’ll end up offering them things that they don’t want or need, and so they’ll feel that we’re over charging and complain about price, or politely decline by saying “I’ll think about it”.

Always aim to offer 3X – 10X the value that they are paying for.

The more you listen and ask questions, the more you can understand what the customer really needs, and the more value you can uncover for your customer. When you solve more problems in more meaningful ways, then your customer will gladly pay higher prices for your services, because you’re solving problems they actually care about.

From the customer’s standpoint, they need to be heard and understood, or they won’t accept your solution as a good fit for their needs.

It turns out that sales success is highly correlated to “the amount of time the customer speaks” and to “how well the sales person asks good questions and listens.”

When you understand their specific problems and pain points, you will be in the best position to help them solve their problems, and that’s what the customer wants.

So how can you get the customer to explain all their pain points and desires so you can actually help them?

By asking better questions and listening better.

You can ask questions such as :

“What would you like to achieve in this call?”

“What caused you to reach out today?”

“What is the biggest challenge you are facing?”

“How does this challenge affect you and your business?”

“How long have you been dealing with this?”

“How have you tried solving it so far?”

“How soon do you need this solved?”


But here’s what’s blocking most of us: Our creative agency minds are probably going a mile a minute, and so we aren’t great listeners. In fact most people are not.

And when we are full of “creative thoughts”, we are multitasking, and when we are multitasking we are 17% dumber.

So we need to come to the conversation with a clear mind.


If you don’t actually prepare your sales questions and next steps beforehand, then you will end up bringing a muddled mind, trying to think of all the best questions and next steps on the spot …

This means you will be multitasking in the middle of a sales call, and not really focused on listening to the customer’s needs and how you can help them.

So cut out these multitasking mistakes and prepare beforehand.

Also if you’re too focused on “needing money” or “needing to close the sale” then your anxiety will push you into a muddled state, and scare your customers away.

Instead, before your next sales meeting remind yourself that it’s not about you, and you don’t “need” this sale. You can’t help the customer if you don’t understand them. Your primary objective is to take notes and diagnose issues like a doctor would.

For me this means getting out a physical pen and paper, so I can focus on taking notes and diagnosing the customer’s challenges. This helps me focus on the customer’s situation so I can see it become crystal clear in my mind. This puts me in the best position to solve their REAL problems.

Is this something you can do?

Can you put this into practice TODAY so you can start closing more website deals?

What are your thoughts?

To your success!

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Chris Johnson,
Upscale Method,
Agency Growth Mentor

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