Tulsa Transit is Seeking a New Website Redesign (Est. $20k – $70k)

Tulsa Transit is Seeking a New Website Redesign (Est. $20k – $70k)

The Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority is seeking proposals from qualified, responsive, and culpable vendors for the complete redesign and development of the agency’s current website (www.tulsatransit.org) to better serve its riders, employees, residents, and visitors of Tulsa. The goal of this project is to present a more user-friendly experience for those visiting the website, de-clutter the information being provided to the public, and implement easier access to trip planning tools. The new website must feature a responsive design that is fully functional on all devices and platforms ( i.e. mobile phones, tablets, desktop etc.).

Scope of Work/Specifications

The intent of this project is to create a website with a modern and compelling user interface to engage users to effectively find the information they need regarding the public transportation bus service provided by Tulsa Transit.

For reach of the following project areas, the vendor is expected to prove capability describing strategies to be used and quality controls. Sufficient detail must be given and must include examples of past projects, ability to meet deadlines and managerial experience. The vendor should demonstrate knowledge and understanding of public transportation and government entities and the shifting dynamics of how users receive and us information today.

Project areas contained within this Scope of Work include:

  1. Complete redesign of the current website using a custom or pre-made theme, depending on what is available from the vendor and the preference selected by Tulsa Transit.
  2. Implementation of a user-friendly layout that will streamline the information available to the public. This would include but is not limited to (various creative and strategic ideas for placement/implementation are welcome):
    • Emergency banner at top of home page that appears on all subsequent pages but can be hidden when not in use.
    • Quick link sidebar, appearing on all pages subsequent to the front page
      • Detours
      • Trip Planner
      • Bus Tracker
      • Text messaging submission form
      • Email submission form
    • Information tabs that describe what the user is looking at
      • Plan Your Trip
        • Trip Planner
        • Maps
        • Schedules
        • Alerts and Detours
        • Tools
      • Fares and Passes
        • Fares
        • How to Buy
      • Rider’s Guide
        • Our Services
        • How to Ride
        • Bike + Bus
      • Transit Programs
        • Guaranteed Ride Home
        • Lift
        • Reduced Fare / Military
        • Safe Place
      • Contact Us
    • Scrolling announcement frame
    • Interactive trip planner
    • Multiple picture frames with text
    • Footer
      • About Us
        • History
        • Quick Facts
        • Leadership
        • Employment
        • Transit Stations
        • Security
        • Civil Rights
        • Policy Info
      • Business
        • Advertise with Us
        • Procurements and DBE
  3. Implementation of a high quality web-based Content Management System (CMS) that is easy for front-end users to update and maintain on a regular basis.
  4. Implementation of ETA SPOT technology on the route page to provide users with a deep link with the ability to allow users access to information on Tulsa Transit’s routing system.
  5. Reconstruction of the scheduling page of the website to better serve the needs of riders and provide easier access and usage.
  6. Incorporation of a “Trip Planner” feature on the homepage of the website using Google Maps destinations and the planner will generate the appropriate bus route(s) needed to successfully complete the trip.
  7. Implementation of Google Analytics tracking codes for all pages and posts on the website.
  8. Implementation of Google Translate to easily translate site content across various languages.
  9. Integration of links of Tulsa Transit’s social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and the ability to add other channels in the future) on the homepage of the website.
  10. Website must be in full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA) standards. Tulsa Transit will distribute the Department of Justice technical assistance document ‘Accessibility of State and Local Government Websites to People with Disabilities’ to the selected vendor. Technical assistance document is available on the ADA Home Page at www.ada.gov.
  11. Website must be in the compliance with Federal laws and regulations for the posting of all financial reports and information.
  12. Website must be in compliance with the Federal laws and regulations for the posting of Tulsa Transit Board of Trustees communication, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) information, Title VI information, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) information and other information that may be required in the future.
  13. Website must be in compliance with Federal laws and regulations for procurement and vendor information with an appropriate fillable form for accurate submissions.

In addition to the above, the chosen agency/vendor is expected to help with project planning, project management, testing, training, hosting and support.

See attached PDF for full details:


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* Budget Disclaimer: Some clients do not provide a clear budget, so to save you time, these projects have been estimated to the best of our ability based on project scope & other factors. These estimates are likely within range 80% of the time. However, determining an accurate budget will require due diligence, analysis, scoping and estimating.

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