The City of San Leandro is Seeking a Website Redesign and New CMS ($60k – $180k)

The City of San Leandro is Seeking a Website Redesign and New CMS ($60k – $180k)

The City of San Leandro desires to solicit qualified proposals for a website Content Management System (CMS) to replace its existing CMS in accordance with this Request for Proposals (RFP).

Award resulting from this RFP is expected to be a fixed contract for services and initial subscription with a recurring, annual subscription thereafter.


E-government is the ability to meet the demand from residents and businesses for electronic access to various aspects of their local government on a 24/7 basis.

The City of San Leandro is committed to modernizing its website ( to improve online customer service, increase e- government site functionality and simplify content management and administration for City staff, while meeting high standards for design quality, mobile access, and visual appeal.

The key to an effective website is up-to-date content that meets user’s needs. A robust and powerful Content Management System (CMS) that is easy to use will enable City staff to quickly update content and serve the public.


San Leandro, California, is a friendly and diverse city with a rich heritage and numerous cultural amenities, including a shoreline and marina, two golf courses and a large community library. San Leandro, located on San Francisco Bay just south of Oakland and approximately 20 minutes
from San Francisco, covers roughly 15 square miles and has a population of approximately 80,000.

The town is known for its quiet, well-defined neighborhoods, full of charming and unique older houses on tree-lined streets. Residents are proud of both their neighborhoods and their city, as reflected by their active involvement in the city’s more than 30 neighborhood associations.

The San Leandro City government is a full-service municipal organization that provides recreation and library, police, community and economic development, street and road maintenance, water treatment, capital projects, and other public services. Its primary web presence is the official City government website.

The current City of San Leandro’s current CMS is used by all City departments to create, share, and publish information to the public. All content is updated and managed by the respective City departments with general oversight and support from the IT Division. The current CMS, hosted by Civica (which was acquired by Granicus), was implemented d in 2011 and retrofitted for mobile-friendly design in 2015 and 2017.


The City of San Leandro is seeking to enter into an agreement with a qualified vendor to design and implement a new CMS and City website. The City’s website URL is

The City’s emphasis is on incorporating extensive content management tools and database driven architecture while providing a user-friendly and intuitive site structure and interface that is ADA compliant. The focus of this project is to integrate digital services to make engaging with the public through the website as seamless as possible. City staff desires a simple CMS and ability to create digital services, such as web forms, that can be processed through a backend workflow system.


The goal of this project is to design and implement a new CMS and website for the City. The current City website can be found at The new update of the City website will need to incorporate a mobile first design and prioritize digital services. The goal of the website update is to improve upon the functions listed below:

1. Enhanced Digital Services
a. Improving digital services includes the implementation of form handling in order to convert all our current printable forms to ones that can be filled out directly on the website;
b. A backend workflow or similar system that can be used to process online forms and applications;
c. Integrate secure online payments for appropriate services that would allow members of the public to provide payment online through payment processor integration.

2. Enhanced Communication Tools
a. The City website is a primary mechanism to communicate with the public. Currently there is a limited capability for signing up for newsletters. In the website update, we would like to expand opportunities to opt in for notifications and targeted communication based on specific criteria (e.g. projects, districts, topic).
b. An event calendar as well as opportunity to promote and provide registration for City events.
c. Ability to have on-screen alerts for important messages across the entirety of the website.
d. Ability to engage with visitors including easy to use polls and surveys.
e. Seamless integration of dynamic content including videos and interactive tutorials.
f. Integration with social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

3. Easy to use CMS
a. Each department is currently responsible for updating content on the website related to their operations and services. We would like to continue the decentralized management of website content with an easy to use CMS. Ease of use should be determined by how well an individual with minimal experience updating content on a website is able to learn and use the system.
b. Templates are desired to maintain a consistent look and feel across the website and to easily allow new pages to be created and launched

4. User Accounts and Integration
a. The City is interested in a system that would allow residents to create accounts on the website to access various services, including signing up for newsletters and communications, getting notifications for events and alerts, etc.
b. In addition, there is a strong desire to provide an integrated user experience with other City online services, such as:
 i. Accela Citizen Access
 ii. Mobile 311
 iii. NeoGov
 iv. ActiveNet
 v. ArcGIS
An ideal solution would allow for single sign on capabilities for all applications requiring a separate account to access. The system should allow for multifactor authentication to protect user accounts from unwanted/unauthorized access. The City will consider new services, such as integrated 311, through the selected vendor.

5. Site Search
a. Website search functions should go beyond a keyword search and work similar to an auto suggest or based on common user behavior on website.

6. Multilingual
a. The site must have the ability to display in multiple languages

7. Content Delivery Network (CDN)
a. The City is interested in a website that can be hosted by a leading CDN to provide improved performance and security protection against DDoS and similar cyber attacks

8. Chatbot for Customer Support
a. The City is interested in proposals for integrating a Chatbot on the City website that can provide 24/7 customer service and support.

9. Training
a. Training should be provided for site administrators as well as content publishers. Training should include best practices for managing the website with a decentralized structure.

See attached PDF for full details:


* Budgets are estimated based on project scope and similar projects. Determining a clear budget will require due diligence, analysis, scoping and estimating.

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