The Birmingham Shopping District Needs a Website Redesign with Hosting ($12k – $45k)

The Birmingham Shopping District Needs a Website Redesign with Hosting ($12k – $45k)

The Birmingham Shopping District, Michigan is accepting bids electronically at until Friday, August 28, 2020 at 10:00 AM from qualified professional firms to redesign and host the BSD’s website. This work must be performed as specified accordance with the specifications outlined by the Scope of Work contained in this Request for Proposal (RFP).


The Contractor shall perform the following services:

1. The work to be performed includes all elements necessary to launch a new website for the BSD, including but not limited to design, migration of information and data, content management system training of BSD staff, and completing the launch of the new website design. The Contractor shall perform the following services in accordance with the requirements as defined and noted herein:

2. Website Design
a. The new website design shall maintain the address.
b. The design shall be developed through a cooperative effort between the Contractor and the BSD’s designated representative(s) and shall be
original in nature and consistent with the BSD’s existing branding.
c. The design and navigation shall be structured in a manner that is userfriendly and visually appealing.
d. Website navigation shall be oriented from the perspective of the following user groups:
i. Residents
ii. Businesses/Prospective Businesses
iii. Visitors
iv. No advertisements, or pay for placement graphics, icons, or other elements shall be permitted on the website.
v. The website design shall be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Information about the Act and applicable
standards is available at
vi. The website design shall be fully functional on mobile devices via a responsive or mobile-enabled format.
vii. The design shall effectively integrate the BSD’s existing social media sites and be able to easily accommodate future social media
viii.The design shall include a fully searchable calendar of events which may be easily updated using the content management system.
ix. Website will list BSD business directory with images
x. Website will host interactive available properties map allowing users to click on property image and also see available square
footage, address, and additional real estate information.
e. Content Management System: The BSD shall have the ability to manage all content published on the website.
f. Website Hosting & Security: All proposals submitted in response to this Request for Proposal shall include a statement regarding the practices of the firm with respect to security at hosting facilities and website security in general.

See attached PDF for full details:


* Budgets are estimated based on similar projects, and will require due diligence, analysis, scoping and estimating.

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