The “Alternative Resource Energy Authority” (AREA) wants a New Website & New Branding (Est. $20k).

The “Alternative Resource Energy Authority” (AREA) wants a New Website & New Branding (Est. $20k).

The “Alternative Resource Energy Authority” (AREA) in Nova Scotia is looking for a new website with new branding (Est. $20k).

Currently, AREA has a website, The website’s homepage has the seven-minute video that was produced by Picnic Studios in 2017 and a boilerplate heading about the 10-turbine windfarm mentioning each of the partners. The additional pages have some information specific to the Ellershouse Windfarm such as location, the various phases of the windfarm development, how to access the site and the community of Ellershouse. Each partner also has some content on their respective municipal website’s for AREA. This content is all now out of date as AREA’s portfolio has expanded and its robust track record continues to grow.

Scope of Work

The terms and conditions of the Brand Development offer apply in full to the services and products under this Statement of Work.

AREA is looking for a vendor(s) to develop a brand, vision/value statement, stationary package; photography services for marketing collateral; and a website. Establishing a strong brand for AREA will demonstrate credibility as AREA looks to strengthen its position within Nova Scotia’s energy sector and expand its green energy portfolio to decarbonize Nova Scotia.

The vendor(s) will lead AREA through a brand creation process by liaising with the management team, scheduling meetings either in person or virtually, development of brand creative session, management of the project to ensure that all milestones are met and completed by contract dates and provide the final brand and supporting materials in all required formats.

Project Tasks & Deliverables

Develop a strategic brand for AREA and its impact in Nova Scotia. The scope of this project can be separated into three categories: Brand Design; Imagery; and the Website. Vendor(s) are invited to submit a proposal to all or a portion of the project scope.

The project includes the following tasks & deliverables:

1. Brand Design
• Brand Archetype / Identity
• Logo (including color palette and typeface)
• Branding and or styling guidelines
• Vision / Values Statement Creation
• Stationary Package

2. Imagery / Photo Library for Marketing Collateral
• Head shots of AREA Staff
• Heat Pumps, Electric Vehicles and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, Solar Gardens
• Ellershouse Windfarm
• Drone Photography of the Ellershouse Windfarm

3. Website
• Design
• Hosting
• Staff training
• Content Development (with support of AREA staff)
• Optimized for mobile

See attached PDF for full details:


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