St. Tammany Parish Public School Board Needs New District Website, 56 School Websites and Mobile App (Est. $100k – $300k)

St. Tammany Parish Public School Board Needs New District Website, 56 School Websites and Mobile App (Est. $100k – $300k)

St. Tammany Parish Public School Board (STPSB) is requesting proposals for a new District Website, school websites, and District Mobile App. Our objective is to review, purchase and have a vendor design and create a new District website and Mobile App for the St. Tammany Parish Public System as well as new websites for all 56 schools.

The St. Tammany Parish Public School System already maintains a district website, a mobile website, a mobile app and 56 school websites as well as thousands of teacher maintained webpages. Please see for reference

The goal of the new District and school websites are to provide a user friendly, interactive experience for stakeholders that will be compatible with all major devices and Internet browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. The new website must contain an easy to use content management system that can be used by all district staff.

The St. Tammany Parish Public School System current enrollment is approximately 38,500 students. The School System consists of 56 schools and 15 offices.

Overall Expectations

• Ability to develop and implement open platform websites
• External and Internal hosting will be considered.
• Have responsive design on every web page for all major mobile and tablet devices including iPhone, iPad, and Android, etc.
• Explain in depth how security is maintained to allow secure updating of the website. This security must be available from inside the school board’s network as well as outside of the network.
• Provide guaranteed service reliability and guarantees for emergency recovery.
• Include any backup disaster recovery hosting your company may provide as a potential option.
• Ability to easily add a new school and/or easily replace or delete websites/webpages of schools.
• Include the ability to add custom information and features as the needs of the STPSB continue to grow.
• Must generate ADA-compliant code and be ADA compliant with ADA monitoring either built-in or third party monitoring for accessibility errors with reports of errors went to webmaster.
• Websites and Mobile App must provide easy access to quality language translation with multiple language support.
• Provide search optimization on all major search engines including Google, Yahoo, etc.
• Provide a functioning internal search feature.
• Allow liberal limitations on individual file upload size.
• Provide storage of assets (files, images, and media) with storage limits.
• Ability to embed media files including video, slideshows, pictures, audio, etc.
• Customizable storage limits for all webpages
• Websites and Mobile App must integrate social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other possible future social media.
• Please provide a list of all Google Integrations available
• Provide links/portals to other STPSB district software systems
• Provide a solution to provide a private area with sign in, permissions only, as a
potential option.
• Follow any and all student information privacy policies and laws put in place by STPSB, State of Louisiana, and the Federal Government. (Please be advised that the contract will have to meet the terms and conditions set forth according to the Louisiana R.S. 17:3914 and STPSB Privacy Policies if an online component is included. If such component exists, the awarded vendor will be required to complete and sign the STPSB ACT 677 Contract Addendum.) (See Attached)
• Describe how you plan to maintain and update the code and database of the websites. Must have ongoing software maintenance made available for all future versions of browsers as they are released.
• Describe in detail all functions and features that are available with your proposed solution.

Content Management System

• Describe in detail the Content Management System of the website.
• Provide a platform with robust and easy to use content management capabilities that allow users with little or no technical skill to update and edit content with a self-service environment. The content management system should not require users to know HTML programming to change or add content. The content management system should include tools for users to develop and load content including text, photos, videos, presentations, etc.
• Content management system should have distributed administrative abilities: the ability to assign editing rights to various levels of users.
• Ability to provide emergency alerts (pop-ups or banners) with ability to assign to district or school sites.
• Ability to upload multiple pictures and documents at one time.
• Provide content scheduling and expiration options
• Ability to update all elements including menus, graphics, pictures, footers, etc.
• Should allow ‘drag and drop’ of page elements.
• Should provide spell checking (ideally with a customizable dictionary).
• Must allow for copy and paste from web and from word processing documents.
• News items must be able to be sorted, filterable, and searchable by school, topic, keyword, and date.
• Photos must be able to be sorted, filterable, and searchable by school, topic, keyword, and date.
• Websites must be able to handle electronic application creation, submission and results on online forms.
• Filterable district and school level calendars that can by synched with personal calendars such as iCal, Outlook, Yahoo, and Google calendars.
• Provide a platform for sports schedules
• Provide interactive map for STAR businesses that can be easily updated. Please see for current businesses.


• Create a custom design that is distinctive and engaging, following the look and feel of the School System branding. District branding requirements will be provided to winning bidder, please see for current example.
• Proposal must include example designs (at least 2 pages deep) of District and school website. The district design should be based on information found at, and the school website design off of information found at
• Design dynamic and visually pleasing district-branded websites that provide an easy to use stakeholder experience. School websites should follow district layout for access to information but allow for personalization of approved components at each school site.
• Design of separate top level, but consistent pages for five categories: the district site, high school sites, junior high sites, middle school sites, and elementary sites.
• Provide robust websites that allow for showcasing of photographs, new items, calendars (event, sports, lunch, etc.), and a multitude of department program pages.
• Must be considered intuitive, easy to navigate, and user-friendly for both those updating content and end-users of the website (parents, student, staff, etc.).
• Must provide wireframe and functional mockups during design phase
• Company must perform testing and quality assurance during design phase prior to delivery to STPSB.


• The content management functionality must work properly on all modern Internet browsers, specifically including but not limited to Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge (including the last three versions of these browsers).
• SSL Encrypted
• Have ability to restrict access to content based on role. For example, School Board member only, employee only, etc.
• Have responsive design on every web page for all major mobile and tablet devices
including iPhone, iPad, and Android, etc.
• District must have ability to control and update all school websites from the district level, if needed.
• Integrates with proposed mobile app including but not limited to providing RSS feeds, iCal feeds, sports scores platform, and photos.
• Must provide platform for district staff to view detailed analytics and reporting of district and school level websites and mobile app.
• Provide for transfer of content and archives from current websites to new websites at all levels and provide all existing functionality or better of current websites.
• Provide school directory with integrated map showing locations of all schools and work sites.
• Provide mapping functions to allow users to easily locate school districts and school board districts based on a physical address.
• Need to have the ability to easily archive all websites and webpages. Mobile App
• District Mobile App that includes all schools and support facilities.
• Intuitive design with tap and scroll-based navigation
• Custom branded design for district and schools
• Provide links to other STPSB district software systems
• Ability to allow users to filter content to see content from district/schools that is relevant to them.
• Ability to publish content one time on website and publish on app
• Ability to send emergency messages/app notifications from a district and/or school level
• Have responsive design on every web page for all major mobile and tablet devices including iPhone, iPad, and Android, etc.
• Provide interactive map for STAR businesses that can be easily updated. Please see for current businesses.

Training and Support

• Provide detailed description of types of support and hours available offered to district level staff and school level employees.
• Overview of support offered by company when upgrades are rolled out systemwide
• Provide training to district level staff and training in a “train the trainer” model to school employees.
• Detailed cost of any additional training that may be required or requested including training events offered by your company and on-site training options beyond the scope of implementation

See attached PDF for full details:


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