“Should I Show My Agency’s Pricing on My Website?”

“Should I Show My Agency’s Pricing on My Website?”

A friend of mine who owns his own website agency recently asked if he should:

(a) post his pricing publicly on his website
(b) hide it from the public.

It’s a good question!

I’ll show you which one will make you way more money

PROs of showing your pricing:

  1. It saves you time
  2. It saves your customer time
  3. It qualifies your leads
  4. It is uncommon, so you’ll stand out
  5. It builds more transparency which leads to trust

CONs of showing your pricing:

  1. It can scare some clients away
  2. It focuses your customer on price rather than value (“what’s in it for me?”)
  3. It treats all customers the same, when they are not
  4. It skips the important step of listening to the customer’s needs
  5. It skips the important step of building rapport

If you show your prices some people may think you are too expensive, but on the other hand the bigger clients could look at your pricing and think you’re too cheap.

This means showing your “reasonable $2000 website pricing” could scare away a $40k deal.

The truth is, most websites are not sold over your website anyway. This is even more true the bigger the project is. Selling a website package over $1000 will almost always require:

  1. A relationship of trust
  2. A discovery meeting to understand the client’s real needs
  3. A quote that covers the client’s needs in detail

The larger the project is, the more custom and unique the requirements get. How can you sell a $70k project without listening to the client’s unique problems and goals?

Some clients will have unique content creation needs, hundreds of product pages, multiple locations, and specific marketing requirements. A one size fits all solution just doesn’t make sense.

If you try to streamline your pricing and packages into a list of prices, you will miss out on the 2 most important aspects of high ticket sales: listening to their needs and a relationship.

The chances that your premade packages actually meet your client’s needs is so low that you will simply become irrelevant to most of the clients that come across your website.

So the best practice is to remove pricing, and stop offering a one size fits all solution.

The reality is your customers are all different shapes and sizes, so they have different needs and your pricing will distract your customers, getting in the way of a proper discovery meeting.

So what should you do instead?

Focus on delivering value upfront on your website so you can build a relationship of trust.

The next step is to give your website visitors a call to action so you can discuss the client’s needs in a discovery meeting.

During the discovery meeting ask them questions so you understand what they actually want, and then give them a quote that fits their exact requirements.

If you need detailed training to double or triple your sales revenue, I offer high performance sales training for agencies in my course (UPSCALE METHOD).

It’s easy to assume your customer needs feature X, Y and Z, but if you listen carefully, you may find out that your excitement for these features are just pushing your customers away, leading them to look for solutions from your competition.

In summary: The way to make the most money is to remove the pricing from your website, and get your clients into a discovery meeting so you can listen more to their unique needs.

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