Sell more by building CRAZY high trust (even if your agency is starting from scratch!)

Sell more by building CRAZY high trust (even if your agency is starting from scratch!)

In order to make a sale with a high ticket client, you will need one ingredient more than anything else: TRUST.

Your new prospective client will want to know if you’re reliable, trustworthy and can deliver on your promise.

So how can you build trust fast? What if you have no previous experience? What if you’re brand new?

Here’s how to build trust — this is powerful knowledge, so please do not abuse this:

1. Listening to their needs and asking the right questions is one fast way to show you are the expert and you care about their needs. This can build trust fast.

2. Finding common ground also builds rapport fast because if they feel you are similar to them then the trust they have in themselves will get transferred to you. They will assume you are in their circle of trusted friends and family. When you are in their inner circle, you will not seem as threatening.

3. Also admitting where you are weak in contrast to where you are strong can build trust rapidly: “I’m not good with real estate or plumbing, but I really know how to scale digital agencies.”

4. Also being more persistent over time works even though it doesn’t make a lot of logical sense. The key is they need more “exposures” to you which will help build trust unconsciously as the brain starts to acclimatize. After repeated exposures, the brain will realize you are not a threat because you didn’t cause any harm last time.

If they see that you’re still at it contacting them twice per week, then after a few months they will be more likely to sign up because:

  • The number of exposures is high enough that you seem familiar, less threatening and more trustable
  • They see your dedication, which gives them the feeling that you are reliable, and must have something of value to offer
  • Their curiosity gets piqued. Why is this person still contacting me?

5. Get testimonials from your leads by doing short 30 min coaching sessions (30 mins doesn’t take much time, and you can build your reputation fast this way).

6. You can also leverage partners and employee testimonials, as well as their connection’s testimonials. For example if your Contractor worked at Google, you may be able to leverage that with “My team has worked directly for Google.” But make sure you are honest and get permission first. 

7. You can also get your closest friends and previous clients to rate you on your Facebook page, Google listing, Yelp listing, etc and turn people over to your listings when they ask for social proof. It’s best if you funnel them to one source of truth like your facebook page, so you have all your testimonials in one place.

8. Spending more time with the person, especially over video chat will help build rapport faster than phone, DMs and email conversations.

9. If you dress formally, and look the part, you will have more confidence in yourself. Why does this matter? Your confidence is contagious! If you believe in you, your client will be more likely to believe in you too. Also first impressions really can make a big difference because your client will judge you within seconds of meeting you. So be sure to dress the part. Strangely blue suits have been shown to have a slight advantage over other colors and attire.

10. Name dropping works wonders: If you are in contact with other large competitors in their niche, then let them know who you are working deals with. This will increase their FOMO (Fear of missing out) and the big names will increase trust and respect at the same time.

11. One of the most natural ways humans bond is over food. So if you can take your client out for lunch or drinks, you will build rapport extremely fast. This is due to the positive associations people already have around eating, along with the endorphins released and the shared experience.

12. One of the fastest ways to build trust and rapport, especially in the beginning when your reputation is still new, is to be helpful. Teach, and provide a valuable solution to your client’s problem in a way that illuminates their mind, gives them an aha moment and changes their perspective in a positive way. This will position you as the expert they seek. Just be careful to teach in a way that is helpful and respectful rather than egotistical. Treat the client like the hero, because in the end they really are the hero of their story. If you position yourself as their hero, your egos may clash, and you will repel them. Remember to position yourself as the helpful sidekick. You are there to serve and help them get what they want out of life, so when teaching, the spotlight should always be on them.

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