Owens Valley Groundwater Authority is Seeking a New Website ($5k – $25k)

Owens Valley Groundwater Authority is Seeking a New Website ($5k – $25k)

The Owens Valley Groundwater Authority (OVGA) seeks to obtain the services of an individual, organization, or firm with demonstrated experience in web design to design a website and associated social media accounts for the Authority.

I. Purpose

The OVGA is issuing this Request for Proposal (RFP) to obtain website design services to enhance and create new OVGA on-line information capabilities, make OVGA documents publicly accessible, fulfill Sustainable Groundwater Management Act obligations for public transparency and engagement, and create a user friendly and simple-to-maintain website.

II. Current Site


III. Preliminary Scope of Work

1) Design a unique, visually attractive and user-friendly website and social media accounts in English and Spanish (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
2) Design a self-supporting, user-friendly navigation framework with a consistent theme that will allow OVGA to update data, post meeting agendas and materials, and update photos and reports using Adobe Contribute CS5 or other, similar user-intuitive interface.
3) Website will be housed on Inyo County server and must be accessible from and compatible with the Inyo County website.
4) Design a unique home page that will allow users to easily access information.
5) Design a template for all pages within the site. All pages must be consistent, look professional, and present information grouped in a logical manner.
6) Provide an easily accessible and editable calendar and list of upcoming activities, meetings, and other opportunities for public involvement.
7) Provide capability for stakeholders to subscribe to an interested parties or other list(s) and receive email newsletters or other information updates regularly.
8) Provide the ability to contact the OVGA or request information through the website.
9) Provide links to external SGMA information, OVGA member websites, and relevant social media accounts.
10) Provide an editable Frequently Asked Questions section.
11) Include a search engine that allows the user to search the whole site or subsections within the site.
12) Contractor will transition information to the new OVGA website from the page maintained on the ICWD website as well as create pages for Groundwater Sustainability Plan components as the Plan is developed.
13) Contractor should maintain timely and regular communication with the OVGA during the design process.
14) Contractor will produce a guidebook or instructions on changing/updating the website and provide comprehensive training to staff.
15) Any additional features the respondent feels would improve the OVGA website. Work closely with the OVGA to design the website in a manner that best suits the needs of the OVGA.

See attached PDF for details:


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