M4EG Needs a New Website (*Est. $8k – $24k)

M4EG Needs a New Website (*Est. $8k – $24k)

The Mayors for Economic Growth Facility is part of the Mayors for Economic Growth initiative, launched and funded by the European Union since 2017 to support mayors and municipalities in the Eastern Partnership countries. The project is being implemented by UNDP, starting from 2021. The M4EG will be launched in all six Eastern Partnership countries in the summer of 2021.

Cities in the network will benefit from training and knowledge exchange activities focused on the development of innovative growth strategies that are highly contextualized and build on local ecosystems. This will entail support in developing a new generation of local economic development plans (LEDPs), strategic thinking and building urban resilience. Local authorities will benefit from new capabilities and access to funding, including the upcoming Annual Portfolio Call for Interests and Annual Innovation Call for Proposals.

This assignment aims to build on new website based on the existing M4EG web page. If needed, the website will be migrated to a new technological platform to provide required functionality and ensure easy support for minimum 4 years. At the moment, the M4EG website ( https://www.m4eg.eu) is composed of a set of static pages with some functionalities.

UNDP wishes to develop a new website with a user-friendly and visually pleasing platform with special access to the online courses and other learning materials that will be made available under the project. The webpage will provide different content and functionality for the public and for registered users. A full administration section will be developed. The website will be produced as a multilanguage system allowing to add new languages during the lifetime of the portal. Initially, the system will provide full support for English language (content and administration). The system should, however, be designed to add new languages at a later stage. A new graphical design will be developed for the M4EG project. Some visual components will be carried over from the current website, but the overall look and feel of the website will be newly designed.


The assignment is focused on the following major objectives:

  • Develop a detailed concept and prototype design for the M4EG website based on the core functionality requirements outlined below and make adjustments according to the comments received from UNDP.
  • Develop the M4EG website based on the approved concept and outline design with the full functionality described below in the Deliverables section.
  • Work closely with the European Commission and UNDP M4EG project team to integrate and comply with all EU and UNDP communication rules and regulations, including branding, visibility, copyrights, layout, linkages to EU and UNDP websites and communication tools, etc., and to ensure that the design will enrich user experiences.
  • Adaptation for various devices (mobile phone, tablets, desktops).
  • Creating an adaptive design for visually impaired users.
  • Test, debug and improve the application for optimization of the performance.
  • Develop a section for introducing online thematical courses.
  • Provide Operations & Maintenance services (including security support) for the website 24/7 from September 2021 to December 2024.
  • Produce monthly reports for the website performance and recommendations for improvements.

Core functionality requirements:

  • The system will be designed for multilanguage use. Initially, the system will be developed in English. The system should allow for easy addition of other languages for content as well as for system texts in the administration section (translation module). It is planned that the public content in the M4EG will be published in the English and the Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine) official languages from the beginning. The administration part must be available in English from the beginning, with the possibility to translate it to other languages within the contract’s framework.
  • Developing or upgrading the M4EG signatories map with an update access and information.
  • User management module: general user, editor, moderator, administrator.
  • Full admin section.
  • All content will be published in multiple languages. The system must be designed for uploads and content modifications in multiple languages.
    Web domain and hosting. The website will be published at the https://www.m4egfacility.eu/ domain. The vendor will propose hosting type and hosting requirements. UNDP will contract hosting in line with vendor’s requirements.
  • The interface must be user-friendly and attractive for target audiences.
  • Intellectual Property. All the information uploaded on the web portal will be the property of UNDP and EU. The Contractor must submit all source code and documentation to them upon successful launch and expiry of three months testing period.
  • Consideration of cybersecurity requirements.
  • Keywords embedded in website architecture (headings, page titles, meta descriptions, URLs, etc.) for maximum searchability/visibility on popular search engines.
  • No Budget given Except a notice that it is likely under $50k. Estimated Budget is $8k – $24k.

(See Attached document for full details)


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