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Lead Sharing FAQ:

A: This lowers your cost per lead, and creates more profits for everyone.

  1. When you’re sharing leads in a “tribe” you can cooperate and get leads more cost effectively.
  2. When you find a lead that suits your agency, simply tag the lead with a comment like “I got this!”. This lets others know that you’re working on that lead, and prevents collisions (usually!).
  3. Normally when agencies are competing for business outside of the “tribe” they work much harder for their leads and can’t see all the other agencies they are competing against, and so they have less control over the outcome.
  4. At any given time roughly 60% of the agencies in our group will be “full” and will skip good leads because they simply don’t have the capacity to take on more work. This means that by working together in a “tribe” there will be fewer wasted leads, giving everyone higher quality leads at a lower overall cost.
  5. Not every lead is a good fit for every agency. Some agencies are better suited to work on $20k SEO projects, while others are better at $80k database security jobs. Doing the wrong jobs for the wrong clients can get nasty very quickly for both you and your client, so in the end it’s more sane and profitable to focus on your core competencies by sharing the workload with others.
  6. Cooperation increases closing rate efficiency. If two or more different agencies combine their strengths, then they will have a higher chance of closing 1 lead together than alone. Combining strengths can also solve more difficult problems for customers and unlock additional value. This means less waste, more profits, and shorter sales cycles.
  7. Inside a tribe or not, it is not realistic to completely eliminate competition. Competition is good for the customer, good for the economy, and keeps your agency sharp, and grounded in reality. But if someone in the “tribe” is not playing fairly or if they are causing major problems for others, then we can suggest they move to a more exclusive lead generation plan.
  8. If you don’t end up closing a deal, then you can refer the lead back to the “tribe” to give others a chance at closing the deal from a different angle. This is better than wasting the lead, and can help out your friends in the “tribe”.
  9. If you occasionally add overflow leads to the “lead pool” from outside the “tribe”, then your friends will probably thank you and refer more work back to you.

You can post a partnership opportunity in the partnerships section here.

Also the agencies that meet together in the weekly mastermind tend to build trusting partnerships more rapidly. 

You will close more deals by:

  1. Selecting projects that you are more likely to close based on your agency’s past experience and core strengths.
  2. Responding to leads quicker.
  3. Spending more time with prospects to understand their needs on a deeper level.
  4. Learning how to price and quote effectively.
  5. Following up with prospects often.
  6. Collaborating with other agencies that can complement your strengths.
  7. If you need more help, you can get World Class Agency Sales Training inside the Upscale Method mentorship program. Ready to learn more? Talk to Chris Johnson here.

Our Lead Sharing Philosophy:

Sharing is a win-win. It requires maturity, communication and trust. In the end, if you can learn to share leads effectively, then you’ll make more friends, land more sales, have a thicker wallet, and enjoy more free time.