Kansas State is Seeking New Youth Suicide Prevention Website and Application (Est. $75k – $250k)

Kansas State is Seeking New Youth Suicide Prevention Website and Application (Est. $75k – $250k)

Kansas State is urgently looking for a development agency or individual to help develop a new website and application to help prevent suicide among the youth.

Attorney General Derek Schmidt seeks competitive proposals from companies or individuals interested in developing a mobile app and website that can be utilized by Kansans who have concerns that need immediate crisis response by an appropriate public agency or law enforcement.

Proposals shall provide a description of the applicant’s relevant app and website development experience, and applicant’s experience in developing mobile apps and/or websites for the State of Kansas or other governmental entities.

Scope of Services

The services for which the Office of Attorney General seeks proposals is mobile app and website development. The proposal should include the ongoing support related to the solution(s).

The Attorney General anticipates the Contractor will propose options for how the mobile app and related website and other forward-facing features will appear and ensure it is aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly to all ages. The Contractor shall use professional industry practices in order to deliver a stable solution and enhanced value to the State. The Contractor shall design and develop work that appropriately represents the Office of the Attorney General and brand and create an appropriate user-friendly environment(s). The Contractor shall describe how their mobile app can work in areas where internet connectivity may not be available. The app shall provide push notifications in order to remind users about the app.

Services shall include, but not be limited to, development of the mobile app and website, quarterly reports, testing and training, maintenance, and State user technical support.

The Attorney General may assign Contractor to work with designated staff of the Attorney General’s Office. The identity and responsibilities of the designated staff shall be determined solely by the Attorney General. The Contractor will act pursuant to the terms of a signed, written agreement with the Attorney General.

In addition, the Contractor will be required to meet, coordinate with and submit interim reports to the Attorney General and his designee as requested regarding the nature, progress, costs, and extent of the mobile app development.

Responsibilities and Tasks

The State requires a solution that meets the project objectives and functional requirements, including, but not limited to:
a. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
b. Allows tips to be made by mobile app and web browser, regardless of operating system;
c. Allows tips to be made anonymously;
d. Allows users to upload photos, videos, and screen shots;
e. Has the ability to check tips for the same names, aliases and addresses from previously submitted tips;
f. Provides custom reporting by situation, date, school, status, and outcome;
g. Allows live anonymous chat with users;
h. Allows forwarding and notification capability (via text and email) when a user submits a tip;
i. Assigns various security roles and permissions for administrative users;
j. Provides security roles and permissions for system administrators;
k. Allows administrative users to set “do not disturb” times for notifications;
l. Allows for the creation of scheduled and custom reports based on identified criteria;
m. Allows for data and report to be downloaded in both .pdf and .csv;
n. Allows administrative users to send notes and/or notifications to other administrative users within the solution;
o. Includes comprehensive database of all tips submitted;
p. Capable of sending customized notifications (not generated by a tip) to appropriate personnel;
q. Provides a detailed audit report if an administrator views, edits or makes changes to a tip, including, but not limited to updates to status, closes, modifies information, adds/deletes information, or sends information via text or email.
r. Provides for automated and template responses when tips are received;
s. Ensures that the proposed solution meets the State of Kansas Accessibility requirements as set forth in in ITEC Policy 1210: Information and Communication Technology Accessibility Standards. The standard is found at:
https://ebit.ks.gov/itec/resources/policies/policy-1210 ;
t. Protects Personal Identifiable Information (PII) data, and ensure compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) and any other relevant laws;
u. Allows for additional forms/functionality to be integrated into the proposed solution;
v. Allows individuals to submit tips by mobile app and URL (web browser), with the ability to continuously reach the State’s Tip Line center;
w. Possesses a configurable browser design/image customized specifically for the State of Kansas;
x. Enables anonymous tip submission and confidential storage; and
y. Allows State users to notify law enforcement, school officials, and/or any other groups as identified by State stakeholders.
z. Application will connect with a variety of outside entities, such as law enforcement, national suicide hotline, local mental health crisis response teams, etc.

See attached PDF for full details


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