How To Grow Your Web Agency During a Crisis

How To Grow Your Web Agency During a Crisis

I know it’s been a crazy month for agencies, especially for cash flow — but I learned so much!

One of the agencies I’m coaching just increased their sales from $18k last month (Feb) to $21k this month (during the Covid-19 epidemic too).

Many other agencies across the industry were struggling to make ends meet, and some were unable to pay their staff during this “crisis”.

So I asked myself, “What’s the difference? Why are some struggling while others are thriving in the exact same environment?

How do some agencies thrive during a crisis?

Well I’m learning that “a great success mindset” paired with “a proven strategy” is a killer combo:


The people who view themselves as becoming someone great, tend to be more resilient in times of crisis. For them, every action has meaning. Every step forward or backward is growth towards the ultimate objective. There are no excuses, just moving forward, solving challenges and moving forward again.

How do you build a resilient mind?

Train your mindset daily by planning out the exact beliefs you want inside your mind. Write it down, read them daily. Morning and Night before bed. Then take small daily actions that prove that your beliefs are actually true. This is how you build your identity and how you believe in yourself until you become unstoppable.


So many agencies are running around like crazy trying to pull random leads out of thin air. Hope is not a strategy.

You can’t be desperate for leads, you don’t need 1 lead or even 10. You actually need more leads than you can handle so that YOU are in control of your life. YOU pick and choose which clients to take on.

Some agencies are failing simply because they don’t have enough leads. Some are trying too hard and go straight for the sale, but this is just pushing your prospects further away from you. Others are too afraid of closing and this is costing you money as well.

Focus on building a real sales process for your agency.

If you aren’t in real meetings with real prospects all week, then something is wrong. Solve the issue. Trace it back to the origin to diagnose the problem:

Are you not getting enough leads? Why not? There are millions of businesses that need your help, and there are tens of thousands of hot leads raising their hands every month — seeking you.

If you don’t have enough leads, let’s focus on building out your lead generation process. Pick a channel and differentiate. Seek out a proven coach, make it happen, no excuses.

Then when leads come pouring in, follow the sales steps in this order:

(1) Build rapport

(2) Discover their needs

(3) Understand their ideal outcome

(4) Come up with the perfect solution

(5) Price it out

(6) Cover objections

(7) Close the deal

(8) Over deliver so you start building brand equity

This is your business, and your business can take you wherever you want to go in life.

Start tracking your results daily and iterate.

No excuses, you’re here to succeed!

If you need help scaling your agency to 6 or 7 figures, or just want to get “unstuck” faster, then grab the free training and let’s start scaling!.

Chris Johnson,
Upscale Method,
Agency Growth Mentor

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