How niching down can help your web agency scale up to $1M per year

How niching down can help your web agency scale up to $1M per year

Once you know exactly who you are helping and have your niche dialed in, it’s way easier to attract and connect with your ideal clients.

You become the expert in your niche. You know your client’s problems, pains and risks so you can provide way more value.

When you are the expert, you can do marketing consultations that provide loads of value to your clients in less than 2 hours.

This is the trick to selling big website projects fast.

Rather than trying to sell a $5k or $25k website upfront, I start with a $500 marketing strategy consultation.

Why not focus on selling the $25k website?


  1. They will not trust you at first.
  2. They will be shopping around for the best quote.
  3. They don’t know the problem they are trying to solve.
  4. They don’t know the huge risks that are ahead.
  5. They may not have any money.
  6. They may not be ready.
  7. They may just end up wasting your time.
  8. It is unlikely you will be able to see everything clearly enough to give them an accurate quote

To solve all of these problems I downsell them on a $500 strategy consultation that takes me only 2 hours. (Hey $250/hr is not bad!)

This is where I “save the project from failure before it starts” and deliver strategic marketing wisdom & project value that keeps the project on course.

Remember: It’s up to you to take responsibility and guide the project to success. You should know your niche better than they do.

After delivering loads of value and uncovering the hidden problems in their plan, the trust will be much higher and due to their commitment, excitement and loyalty, they will have nowhere else to go and will no longer want to shop around for more price quotes.

So you can usually sell them a $5k – $25k site easily at that point.

Because you are niched down, you are the perfect solution to their problem, so they are likely to be more confident in your ability, and spend even more money on your solution.

When you are highly focused on a specific audience with a specific problem, your hiring, training and processes become streamlined over time. This increases your speed and decreases your costs, directly boosting your revenue and profits.

The monthly marketing package is a major component to their success, and YOUR SUCCESS.

If you can get 33% – 50% of your clients on a $1k/mo – $3k/mo marketing plan then your monthly recurring revenue goes up fast. To sell them on this marketing plan, you need to discuss this in your initial consultation with them from the start, so they are looking forward to it.

The key to keeping your clients loyal to you each month is by over delivering on communication and results, meaning your clients are getting leads and sales month after month.

This sounds scary, but it’s not. Seeing your clients succeed is fun!

When you are over delivering, the tables turn. You are no longer chasing clients, they start chasing you.

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