How can I charge higher prices?

How can I charge higher prices?

Max was dealing with too many low ball $500 – $1000 clients, but why?

How were other agencies closing the exact same types of clients at $4k – $8k or more?

After coaching hundreds of web agencies, I’ve noticed one area that has made a big difference:

When selling a website, don’t sell a website.

Listen to the real issue behind the website.

Remember that websites are only valuable IF they solve a business problem that impacts their life, so focus on the business problem.

Imagine that you’re a business doctor, looking at their entire business as a whole, listening empathically, looking for areas of pain from their perspective so you can help them diagnose it accurately, and apply the best solution.

Find out what they are hoping to accomplish through you, and why.

It is vital to find out the cost of their business problem.

For example, ask “How much would this cost you if things remained the same?”

Then QUANTIFY the size of the reward.

For example, this could be their financial goal or sales target.

Ask what they want from their website financially.

They may want to generate an additional $500k, or double their customer retention.

Find out how it will impact their business and life.

Ask: “Why is this important?”

Asking this will help you get to the real reason so you can align with their real needs, and provide maximum value.

For example they may care about making a positive impact for their team, serve their family, or improve the lives of their customers.

Go deep, by asking why again and again, until you understand what’s really driving them.

Then show them different ways you’ve seen people try to solve this particular problem in the past, and provide examples of what actually works.

Then put an appropriate number to the value your solution creates.

They are looking for a positive ROI on a viable solution from someone who is aligned with their deepest needs.

This is called “value pricing”.

Remember that it’s not really about the website, it’s about their business and how you can make an impact on their business and everything else in their life from relationships to status, and their life’s purpose.

Does this make sense?

How can you apply this to your agency?

This was just one of the 10 ways agencies are charging higher prices …

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