City of Lakewood is looking for a website redesign (Est. $50k – $150k)

City of Lakewood is looking for a website redesign (Est. $50k – $150k)

CITY OF LAKEWOOD (CITY) is seeking proposals from qualified suppliers for a website content management system for the city website. The winning supplier will replace the city’s website content management system, which will align with the City’s needs and visions, be compatible with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and allow users the ability to update information more efficiently and increase reliability. The ultimate success of the project will result in an updated website design and functionality which includes the next generation of multichannel, responsive, people-centric online experiences.


The City of Lakewood, located in Los Angeles County, is a distinguished City with a population of approximately 89,000. The City is planning a redesign of its existing website, The redesigned website should improve the City’s ability to provide the community with an intuitive, functional, user-friendly and attractive website. The City is looking for a distinctive website that exemplifies the character and
uniqueness of Lakewood.

The last major redesign of the City’s website took place in 2014. Since that time, much has changed in the level of expectation of services provided by local government as well as the technology available to support online services.

The site currently operates on the Civica platform with the administrator in the Public Information Division and content editors in each of the City’s departments.

The redesigned site must be accessible to all persons of all abilities and designed to be responsive when viewed on mobile devices. The website will reflect the links between city services and subordinate sites, particularly geographic information systems (GIS), external database searches, online utility payments, citizen reporting tools, citizen engagement tools, activity registrations, multimedia, and social networking sites.


The RFP must address the following key project goals:

1. The website must have a look and feel that incorporates modern best practices in user interface and user experience design.
2. The website must address accessibility issues, including compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to W3C level AA (web content accessibility guidelines), and accessibility of PDFs uploaded to site.
3. Design of the website must be responsive on mobile devices.
4. Proposal should include content migration of 300 pages as well as existing PDF/Document migration (quantity to be determined) to the new site.
5. Proposal should include development of an employee-only sub site accessible to verified employees whether inside or outside of the City network. Verification of employees must be done without direct access to the City’s payroll system and should not require a City email address.
6. Proposal should detail annual costs and specifications for SLA (service-level agreement), guaranteed uptime, hosting and security.
7. Proposal must include details of initial training provided and ongoing user help.
8. Proposal must include a list of current supported PCI-compliant payment gateways.
9. Suggested solutions for management of City code.

In addition, the content management system needs to have these capabilities:

– Easy to create, robust web forms for self-service of typical government tasks, including option for PCI-compliant payment processing.
– Tools for checking that PDFs uploaded to system meet accessibility standards.
– Capable of general World Wide Web Consortium (W3) standards compliance.
– Multiple CMS user roles (for content and document upload)
– WYSIWYG drag & drop content editor
– Content staging and restoration through histories or undo
– Content approval and user audit trails
– User selectable templates which can be freely modified
– Intelligent search
– Content style wizards
– Sub-site multi-site development
– Friendly URLs and/or URL aliasing (i.e. quick links)
– Site maps
– Cross browser compatibility, specifically compatibility with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari
– Support for Google Analytics and/or integrated analytics
– Technical support, security patches and product updates available from the software developer. The provider must be the sole contact for support and is responsible to provide timely resolution of issues reported by the City and to implement security patches and product updates as needed to provide the level of guaranteed up-time specified in the SLA.

Overarching site design requirements are:

– Clean, intuitive design.
– Customer-focused and task driven layout.
– Responsive layouts for mobile devices.
– Accessibility to users of all abilities, including those with visual, hearing or physical impairments.
– Design of the website should support the branding efforts of the City and reflect the diverse make up and vision of the residents and businesses of the community.
– Functional and easy to use calendar feature.
– Provision of configurable site navigation menus on each page which provide quick access to all the key pages of the site.
– Prominent and easy to use robust search utility displaying descriptive information on all content in the search results.
– Ensuring site design is cross browser compatible.
– Provide integration with existing government web applications currently in use [GoGov, NeoGov] and provide for easy integration with future government applications.
– Integration with content from city social media sites.
– Optimized templates, themes or skins for efficient page load speed.

For full details, see attached PDF:


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