Cary Library Seeking New Mobile Friendly Website Design with Maintenance ($35k)

Cary Library Seeking New Mobile Friendly Website Design with Maintenance ($35k)

Cary Library is looking to partner with a vendor for website redesign and development services using a content management system (CMS).

Our current website is running on Drupal 7, is 8+ years old, and is no longer meeting the expectations of the patrons regarding functionality, ease-of-use, and intuitiveness. Our current website is non-accessible in many features. Cary Library intends to rework and redesign the entire public-facing website with an eye on usability, accessibility, responsiveness, and ease of updating.

The scope of this project includes the calendaring and room reservation software as an alternate to this RFQ. While an integrated solution for these systems is preferred, the Library will entertain quotes for the calendar, room and museum pass reservation components separate from the website redesign project. Our goal is to provide the best customer experience possible, and these components are a key piece of the library’s online services.

A mobile-first design approach is paramount. Goals also include more control and ability for staff administrators to adjust the look and feel as well as content, and the ability to create new templates. This RFQ includes maintenance and updating. The Library has recently redesigned the logo and branding and looks forward to applying the same aesthetic to our redesigned website.

Key Stakeholders

● Library patrons, supporters, and general public
● Library staff
● Friends and Foundation members
● Community Groups and partner organizations

Major Goals

We are looking for our new website to include:

● Clean, modern design.
● Mobile-first framework.
● Following WCAG 2.1 AA-standards.
● Versatile calendaring display for both staff and public for ease of use.
● Robust museum pass and room booking functionality.
● Enhanced access to digital collections.
● Greater ease in featuring collections, titles, and resources.
● Improved back-end software support.
● Improved interface to create interactive book lists that support digital reader’s advisory.
● Mechanism to prominently feature library news and social media on homepage

See attached PDF for more details:


* Budgets are estimated based on project scope and similar projects. Determining a clear budget will require due diligence, analysis, scoping and estimating.

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