Beaufort County School District is looking for a New Website with 5 years of Maintenance (Est. $100k – $300k)

Beaufort County School District is looking for a New Website with 5 years of Maintenance (Est. $100k – $300k)

Beaufort County School District (BCSD) invites all qualified firms to provide proposals for all services as it relates to the hosting of a district and school based website publishing solution and website maintenance service; that offers a hierarchy of levels enabling each school to have its own private and public system online, as well as be part of the larger district community. The system should allow district and school-level administrators the capability to quickly and easily put their information online.


June 2021 through May 2026


This system should have features and capabilities as follows:

Public Features

• Individual URLs for the main district site, each school in the district, and each teacher in the district
• District & School homepages including Directories, Calendars, and Daily Announcements
• District & School Resource Pages
• Layout Management
• Podcast / Vodcast Viewing
• Translation Tool
• Personal and Shared File Storage
• Ability to be viewed in Various Web Browsers
• Mobile site functionality
• Hosting of all publicly Accessible Websites for the District & Individual Schools
• Option for a dynamic video feature on the landing page.
• A “careers” tab/portal on the main page.
• A dedicated area on the bottom of the website(s) (landing page only) for TitleIX language.
• Search across all tabs, drop-downs and folders.
• A site-map, privacy policy, accessibility statement, etc. page

Private Features

• Logins with private views for Teachers and Administrators
• Personal and Shared File Storage
• Photo/video/document uploading capabilities
• Member Directories and Search Capabilities
• School and District Calendars
• Ability to Transfer Current Web Content/Content Migration
• Ability to be viewed and edited by Users in various web browsers
• RSS Feed
• HTML Embedding Ability
• Vodcast Uploading – Option for HD Display
• Google application integration
• Secure Login Capability
• WYSIWYG Type Editor
• 24/7 Access to modifying Sites by multiple users at the Same Time
• Auto Save Feature
• Simple to Navigate when Editing
• District template with ability to change background images
• Hosting of all Privately Accessible Websites for the District & Individual Schools
• An intranet for hosting internal documents and forms
• A parent/guardian password-protected portal on every school website.
• Hierarchical approval process (based on level of access/permissions granted for web/page “owners”, “admins” and “editors”.
• A drag/drop design feature.
• Auto-size images to fit.
• “Latest News” feature needs to be streamlined for ease of use/functionality.
• An online, searchable how-to manual for all functions of front-end maintenance.
• Word limit on certain entries (like directory bios).


• Group Pages
• Group Calendars
• Group Profiles
• Resource Archiving
• Easy to Use Templates for Web Publishing
• Rich Text and HTML Editors
• Layout Management
• Vodcast Hosting
• RSS Feeds
• Document Storage and Sharing
• Secure Login Capability
• WYSIWYG Type Editor
• Hosting of all Group Websites


• Integration with MS Active Directory to auto populate a School Staff Web Page by location
• Integration with PowerSchool Student Information Systems
• School Interoperability Framework (SIF) Compliant
• Integration of Google
• Compile a report of the inspection.
• Streamlined process for adding, moving and/or removing users from school directories that doesn’t involve front-end manipulation.

See attached PDF for full details:


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