“All The Good Opportunities Are Already Taken.”

“All The Good Opportunities Are Already Taken.”

A friend of mine recently threw up his hands in frustration and wrote “Competition has become much tougher … success stories of the past such as Amazon and Google are no longer applicable for the current crop of startups”

Basically, all the good niches are taken, so it’s time to pack up and go home everyone.

Now that Google and Amazon have swept in, I guess there are only crumbs for the rest of us?

They said the same thing when all the railroads were laid down:

“The industrial revolution is over, there can be no more railroad tycoons…”

Time to go home then…

But it didn’t stop, because this lead to more cars, radio and telecommunication giants. Then people said:

“It’s over, there’s no room for new automotive companies or communication giants …” 

But it didn’t stop there, because this lead to radio stars and rockstars, then people complained “Video killed the radio star” 

But it didn’t stop because then computer giants came along like Microsoft, Apple, Dell, Sony, and Intel, etc … then people complained:

“It’s over, there’s no more room for the next big computer giant …”

Boo hoo … but it didn’t stop because that’s when eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, Youtube, Google and Facebook came along.

And then people started to complain “It’s over”… 

Boo hoo again right guys? But then Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Uber, AirBnB and Angry Birds came along. 

“This time it’s over now, for sure … Right?”

Then Bitcoin, Etherium and Robinhood started taking off…

So seriously, do you think it’s over now? At any point in history we could have easily said that and given up

The truth is, we are living at the best time in history and we’re just getting started!

Why? Here’s the secret to life. This is what’s actually happening at the macro level:

1. Each new problem generates new opportunities.

2. Every new opportunity spawns new innovations.

3. Every big innovation spawns new ecosystems.

4. Each new ecosystem creates new problems (go back to step 1).

When I discovered this cycle, it was the most optimistic thing I ever learned… 🙂

This cycle has been happening for ages. It started way before humans came along, and will keep going.

Now we’re part of this dance with evolution and technology.

We can’t really stop it, so you either need to jump on now or just keep complaining from the sidelines of life.

I get it, life can be hard, extremely frustrating, disappointing, stressful, and sometimes you’ll just want to give up.

But I’ve learned the hard way that if you back down from life, it just gets worse. You either step down and watch the life you could have had pass you by, or you stand up with courage and take the opportunities that life is trying to give you everyday.

Where are the biggest opportunities right now?

Because Internet technology is rapidly expanding across every part of life right now, there is a huge adoption delay across the world. Nobody can learn all the new tools to keep up with it, and it is even more difficult for the larger companies to adopt to the latest technologies and acquire the skilled tech talent they need.

This creates the perfect gap in the market for technology consultation and implementation companies to come along, specialize, take advantage of the opportunity and provide tremendous value to the world. And value means money (cha-ching!).

This means simple tech companies like Web Agencies, Ad Agencies, Design Agencies, Marketing Agencies, App Agencies, Development Agencies, SaaS agencies, CRM Agencies, Social Media Marketing Agencies, Ecommerce Agencies, etc are all exploding right now.

I hope you don’t miss this opportunity. It’s time to grab a mentor (ahem UpscaleMethod …) and learn how to take advantage of this opportunity while it’s still hot and expanding.

For reference, the biggest agencies in the world are making over $10 Billion per year right now. Agencies like WPP Group ($19.0B) and Omnicom Group ($15.3B). These numbers shouldn’t scare you. This means if you created a company 10,000 times smaller you would be making $1.9 Million per year in revenue. There are countless agencies doing just that!

Let me show you exactly how I scale digital agencies to $500k – $1M per year.

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