A FREE CRM for your Agency (that you own!)

A FREE CRM for your Agency (that you own!)

With a gazillion CRMs out there, it’s hard to know which ones to invest into and which ones will still be around in 5 years.

Additionally many CRMs take too much time to learn and too much time to input all the data …

So where should you put your customer data?

What if you owned your own CRM in a Google Spreadsheet?

What if it guided you on what to do next to land a sale for your agency?

What if you could easily bulk email everyone in your CRM?

Well that’s what we’re providing in the Upscale Method Training course, and today we decided to release it to the public for FREE!

Now you can own your own CRM and all the data too.

Grab your own Spreadsheet based CRM for your agency.

Just click below to make your own copy of this CRM in Google Sheets:


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Chris Johnson,
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