Chris “Upscale” Johnson
Agency Scaling Mentor

Make Your Ideal Web Design Clients “Crash Down Your Door, Throw Money At Your Feet, and Beg To Buy Your Services” Every Single Month Without Fail, Just By Launching A Simple Inbound Lead Generation System For Your Agency:

Inbound lead generation no longer requires “SEO” or a complex “Funnel” to work.

In fact, those things usually get in the way of real results.

The web agencies I coach are getting hot leads coming directly to them every day, with clients begging them to start new web projects and monthly recurring services.

Case Studies:

1. When Richard started my program, his agency was making less than $2k per week, and now he’s running one of the fastest growing agencies in the United States, making over 5 figures per week:

What caused Richard’s meteoric rise in revenue? Upscale Method.

2. “I got a new client within days!” — Before starting Upscale Method, Ryan Moye had ZERO leads coming into his agency per month. Even though he was starting from scratch, he made his first sale within days of starting:

3. It has literally TRANSFORMED my business — Brady Smith was struggling to get clients for his agency, and didn’t know who to turn to for help. After looking into Upscale Method, he decided to join, and started seeing leads come in on the very first day:


Are you looking to grow your agency to the next level just like Richard, Ryan, Brady and 20+ other agency owners?

You can start cutting out the waste, immediately by focusing on the following:

#1. Stop wasting your money on buying leads — they aren’t even interested in your agency!

#2. Stop waiting around for random referrals to “finally come knocking on your door” — they won’t show up when you need them most!

#3. Stop doing cold outreach! You’re just wasting your time spamming and begging people for work. Cold clients take 2X – 3X longer to close and you get paid less!

Instead, why not make your ideal clients come directly to you by launching your own inbound lead generation system? 

It’s time to take control of your own future!

With the right system, it’s actually very easy to get 50 – 100+ new clients chasing you month over month (without wasting time on SEO or complex funnels.)

If you had a large stream of ideal clients coming to you, begging to work with you each month, would you be able to run your agency predictably, every month, like clockwork?

Yes, absolutely!— right?

You just need “a little peak” inside a working lead generation system, along with a bit of guidance from someone who’s been there before, and … **BOOM!** … you’ll be ready to scale your agency to the next level in no time!

So Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Future & Reach the Next Level With Your Agency?

Hi I’m Chris Johnson, and I literally spend every waking hour helping web design agency owners (just like you!) scale their sales and revenue to the next level.

Why do I do this?

Because this is my passion, and it gives me a rush every time I help an agency owner succeed!

I know how hard it was for me at the beginning, and now that it’s easy for me to generate consistent leads, I want it to be easy for you too.

Agency owners often spend all their waking hours struggling to make sales, and trying to deliver quality projects on time …

… but it’s usually a disaster …

Most small agencies are running paycheck to paycheck, and can’t scale because they are stuck in a “feast or famine cycle” with no way to predict leads or revenue … does this sound familiar?

Agency owners know they need a predictable system, but the problem is there are so many unknowns and too many levers to pull …

Many agency owners try running in a dozen directions at once, and so they end up running in circles, stuck in the same place.

It feels like: “I’m grinding away every day, but never moving forward …

(Some just give up on their dreams altogether)

But there is a way forward, because you can tap into the people who are ahead of you, who are willing to help you out and hand over all their secrets so you can succeed.

You weren’t meant to do this alone.

You were meant to truly thrive!

With the right mentor you’ll see exactly what works and what doesn’t.

No more guesswork.

Now you can stop playing a high risk game of “Russian Roulette” with your web agency.

You don’t have to waste 10 years of your life trying to figure it all out alone.

Now you can grow your agency faster than ever with my Simple 4 Step Inbound Lead Generation System (Upscale Method).


Ha! Well I would be too, but I have a proven track record scaling over 20+ web agencies, and I’m sure you’ll see the same success as the other agencies in the program.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly your life can change with the right web agency mentor. 

My mentor transformed my life, and now it’s time to pass on the secrets, so you can transform your life too.

Working with you is a win-win for us both: The more you succeed with your agency, the more I grow my coaching brand, Upscale Method.

Sound fair?

Option 1: Get Free Leads in The FB Group

If you want to see what’s possible, why not grab a handful of leads for your agency right away?

In fact, every week I’m adding FREE Web Design Leads to my Facebook group “Upscale Method“.

And for a limited time, you’re invited to get FREE lifetime access to this group (so you can grab all the leads you want as they come in!)

Some of these leads are over $20k each, so before the price of this group goes sky high, why not join today with the free lifetime access plan?

How does that sound? Are you ready to dive in and check it out?

Looking forward to collaborating with you further in the group, and seeing you succeed:

Option 2: Generate Your Own Inbound Leads (Free + Paid)

If you’re 100% ready to grow your web design agency with inbound leads right away, then checkout the next LIVE workshop and I’ll show you how to get there fast:

FREE Workshop: Generate 50+ “Ready to Buy” Web Design Leads Per Month By Launching Your Own Inbound Lead Generation System (+ Limited Time Bonuses)

At the end of the FREE live workshop, I’ll give you the option to get your own inbound leads faster, cheaper and even more reliably, by participating in my paid coaching program, Upscale Method.

How does that sound?

Looking forward to your success!

Chris Johnson
Agency Scaling Coach
Upscale Method

Learn The Secrets To Scaling Your Agency To The Next Level

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Let Your Business run itself so you can spend more time with your loved ones, and even take time off for a well deserved vacation!

Work Alongside Other Top Agencies

You're never alone! All the agencies in Upscale Method are meeting weekly to solve problems & discuss the latest secrets & strategies.

Learn How To Get More of Your Ideal Web Design Clients & Scale Your Agency

After running my agency for 12+ years, I’m now revealing everything I learned so you can scale your agency to the next level.

If you’re ready to attract your own “ready to buy” inbound web design leads, check out the FREE workshop below: